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  22.April 2021 04:32:38

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   Autor    Thema: RLTGB1312 A MT with Land Rover 300TDI  (Gelesen 562 mal)



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RLTGB1312 A MT with Land Rover 300TDI
« am: 03.November 2019 19:29:16 »
Antwort mit Zitat nach oben
I am considering to sell one of my Expedition Volvos. RLTGB1312 A MT with Land Rover 300TDI diesel engine. Anybody interested?

More info: This is very rare model with two separate rooms . Back room was just sleeping room, having 3 bunk beds. Now there is one large partly foldable bed. Front room was working room with desk and radios. It still has desk , and 3 seats . Wall between rooms is taken away and now it has one big room.

Engine is changed to LR 300TDI diesel engine with mechanical fuel pump. It has big generator with mechanical rele system from military LR FFR (fitted for radio) for charging and using separately accumulators for engine and for living compartement. Engine has 24 V electrical system from military Land Rover. All parts are available and cheap. Air intake is on roof.

Gearbox is changed to TGB 20 5-gear gearbox wich has one more lower gear. Leaf springs are changed to TGB 20 springs with one additional leaf to take more weight ( it does not affect to driving comfort , because 4-th leaf will work only when overweighted)

Normal steering installed, but power steering and smaller steering wheel will come with car. Easy to install, just one rod needs to be fixed.

Extended tanks for 250 L + places for 2 canisters outside. Tanks are separated and can be used fully separately in case of breaking one tank.

Civil TGB-s original mechanical vinch is installed

Tires: 37x 13 R 16 Boggers

Comfortable driver and codriver seats are installed.

CB radio is installed.

12V system with converter is installed

220 V system with inverter is installed.

Additional 12V system and trailer coupling from Civil TGB is installed for towing normal trailers ( can be easily taken off for hard off-road driving)

20 L tank for drinking water inside and 20 L tank for washing water in compartement wich can be opened also from outside and has separate lightning for washing outside .

TV, stereo, cd player with remote control in living compartement.

Eberspacher diesel heater installed with separate tank wich can be used for heatin engine and also living compartement.

In this moment has also nice small wood stove installed for long term staying and using as a cottedge.

Additional electrical ventilation installed to living compartement (original from TGB „High Command“ version)

Big Hi-lift jack in special holder outside.

Spare wheel on reinforced back door (normally installed on cabin roof, but to hard to get if on cabin roof)

Additional lights on cabin roof.


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