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News: Frag mal was, vielleicht hat jemand eine Antwort...

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  05.Oktober 2022 01:25:25

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 Thema: RHD C304 at Milweb  (Gelesen 179 mal)



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RHD C304 at Milweb
« am: 19.September 2022 10:21:54 »
Antwort mit Zitat nach oben
Appears to be a Malaysia model with double safari windscreen. Dressed up to look like a Land Rover FC101 though undecided


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Re:RHD C304 at Milweb
« am: 20.September 2022 23:18:42 »
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Doubt more than a dozen of these still exist, even less intact.
Should be in a museum (after clean up)....:))

However, technically speaking, engine-wise, even more so for diesel-freaks, only to be topped for those having driven a 2-stroke diesel{*}, this one is luring like the Lorelei, even at 4x the price of that Volvo....:))


(62 Chevrolet GMC C30 US Panel Truck Detroit Diesel 6V53, V6 5.2L, 210hp)

{*} M113, M109, YPR-765

Wonder how much space it would take to upgrade to the turbo-version, 275hp?

(non-turbo already offers a staggering 500Nm @1000rpm(!))

(I now also see the 'rotation-ambivalent' nature of these 2-strokes was used intentionally in marine applications, matching prop-direction either way....:))

'The only substitute for more torque is lower rpm.'
*Verkaufe Battery-Equalizer/Charge-Balancer/Wandler 24->12v/100A*

Those who wander are not necessarily lost
J.R.R. Tolkien
...and not all who launder are washed/WJ....;))

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