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  29.März 2023 08:40:22

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   Autor    Thema: Convert Your B30A to B30E for more power.  (Gelesen 179 mal)



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Convert Your B30A to B30E for more power.
« am: 26.Februar 2023 18:19:06 »
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Hello members I am selling my B30E fuel management system as a complete going concern. No need to source untested disparate sensors from different sources and waiting for bits. With the complete loom and installation instructions and photos,  you will have minimum down time. No need to remove engine from Truck. 
You simply replace B30A head with B30E head, (even better with a K cam installing  a new 0.8mm thick  Head gasket (you purchase locally) and reconnect sensors to supplied  loom.
You will need to supply a 24V to 12 volt inverter to power D'jetronic or tap off 1 of your  12 volt battery as the ECU does not consume much power.
I am including the  D'jetronic ECU and wiring loom, injectors (just been overhauled and matched) 12 Volt ignition coil, all sensors including air temp sensor, unmolested MAP sensor, (No one has fucked around with factory settings), throttle position sensor and cold start solenoid and head temp sensor as well as cold idle adjustment valve and air tubes as well as Inlet manifold and distributor with dual trigger points----A complete turnkey working system for easy installation. Does not weigh much to ship from Australia.
***Does not include Donaldson Air filter,  fuel pump or snorkel. Photos of these items are for illustration only ***
I can also add B30E Head complete as a separate cost,  but it may be expensive as they weigh a lot to ship around.
The system is fully functional and has been faultless since I installed it in 2013 and starts up first crank every time in any weather.
De HArms (Michaels C303.de forum) has B30E since seeing my installation and did a thorough engineering evaluation) I also  have post of installation still archived on site)  in his truck and you can talk to him in Germany about how much better it makes the truck to drive.
Extra Horsepower, No mucking around, balancing 2 outdated carburettors,  trying to start a hot B30A ( yes that special 3/4 down and 1/8ths back... foot on accelerator pedal to "Start Ya Bastard"  and no fuel overflow into airbox and forgetting to top up oil dampers
Need any more pretty photos of system in Volvo C304, or have Interest let me Know via private message?
Why am I selling???  well Im going to the dark side....I need soot in my exhaust.
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