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  03.April 2020 23:18:43

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Clutch and Release Bearing
« am: 12.Juli 2019 21:59:37 »
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Hi, as some of you may know, I am wrapping up my Cummins R2.8 swap.  The truck is driving and runs beautifully.  However I am running into some issues with the clutch.  All of the critical dimensions are identical to a stock C303 including the stock B30 Flywheel.  I had to change the stock clutch out because it was not holding to the new torque of the diesel.  However the old clutch did operate for awhile.  In search of a better clutch I bought a SPEC stage 3 disc and Pressure plate.  This certainly solved my clutch holding issue, but brought up a new issue.  The Spec pressure plate appeared to be almost identical tot he stock i removed minus an additional bearing surface on the clutch fingers.  This would have made the pressure plate a bit taller than it really is.  That said, this bearing surface would have rode in/on the seal of the original clutch release bearing.  So because everything appeared apples to apples, I removed this extra bearing surface and let the release bearing ride on the fingers as it was stock.  Unfortunately it appears the pressure plate is a bit different and required the release bearing to be adjusted to far forward.  I think the release fork is angled to much forward and I am loosing throw at the end.  So, I see that there was a Sachs and a Borg & Beck clutch used at times and i am wondering if there is a clutch release bearing that may be longer than the stock C303 bearing.  This would certainly cure my issue without any further fabrication.  I can certainly modify or make up a new release bearing, but it would be nice to just throw in a longer version and keep driving.  Any help is appreciated.   
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