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News: Insert your C30x picked up in Sweden into the "database"

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  07.Februar 2023 22:38:11

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Electronic Speed Sender
« am: 08.Mrz 2019 14:55:57 »
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In my quest to convert a C304 to electronic speed sender, I found some threads on here that used a certain part number, but it only seemed to be available in Germany, if you could even find it.  I am in USA, so this is not ideal for me.  However, doing a lot of research online, I have found a part that fits the C30x transmission, and provides an electronic signal, that also seems to be available anywhere!  Here is the part we ordered:


I know, the quality is probably not as good as a German built part, but hopefully it will work for our needs, and it was only $12!!  It also has a Mercedes part number on it, which is 005.542.9417, so maybe it can be found from a MB OEM parts dealer??

The only bad thing is, its kind of big.  I had to loosen the parking brake shield to fit it in, and also grind down some of the plastic top end so it wasn't rubbing.  It is a very tight fit, but it fits.  Here are some pictures:

Hope this helps someone!!
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